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Nomadic Plants

Nomadic Plants is a research project resulting from the situation of some rivers that have been contaminated by large amounts of industrial and domestic waste, which turns the water into a center of infection affecting communities and ecosystems.
The project not only highlights but also seeks to analyze how we manage the waste we generate and how we can convert it into nutrients and energy in order to improve the quality of the water in rivers.
This research project takes the form of a new species that operates as an antibody to keep an ecosystem in balance. It consists of an autonomous robot that lives in symbiosis with microorganisms and native plants. This species, developed to transform waste into electricity, oxygen, clean water, nutrients and life, can survive on the banks of polluted rivers.

Las Miques

Micaela, Chole, Blanca and Rosa show to us the portrait of a unique and special Mexican family . The Miques is the story of four courageous women who have given their lives to the most important and sacred thing that can exist: the family. Without help of any man they have known how to work the land inherited by their father, but when will the roots are going to become a chain?