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social responsibility


Ph.D. Reynaldo Thompson

Gallery of Art and Technology Ex-Estación Valle de Santiago, Gto.

Currently some of the disused railway stations have been re-used for commercial purposes, culture, or restored in hopes for a better use. The station in the city of Valle de Santiago, which concerns us on this occasion, has great potential if we consider that is only at 20 minutes from the Engineering Division of Campus Irapuato-Salamanca. It is desirable that once renewed, this station, through legal mechanisms, could be used as a Gallery of Art and Technology at the University of Guanajuato thereby promoting interest in both areas in the region thereby creating an audience for the arts and technology and strengthening the educational and cultural development of its people.

Reforestation Project and ECO-GOLDS implementation

The proposal is to plant orange trees, white wood and mesquite, endemic species that favor fruit production considering the food crisis that the FAO predicted, will affect the Third World, on the other hand roots do not affect the pavement and foliage does not require specific care, obtaining multiple direct and indirect benefits, including: contributing to sustainable development of the environment, providing protection from the sun and dust, purify the air, beautify the landscape, paying off outside noise and regulate the temperature not only by the shadow it provides, especially in summer, but because their "breathing" moistens the atmosphere.

Ph.D. Natalia Gurieva

Traveler Lifes

“Traveler Lifes” was born of the concern of reflecting the fruit in an anthropomorphized perspective in still images that describe journeys, ways to explore the world, but they did a plastic search within the HDR technique, high contrast look scenes that refer to the destinations itself, the traveler stays in exotic places. In the series of photographs I took on this occasion , I seek more development of these emotions , to transmit different sensations in each image about the trip, we can find allusions to the sinuosity of a road trip , visual metaphors of bumps or depressions in which we drop, with continuous references to the stress of daily life , the disappointment that involve red tape, small fruits and seeds represent people, but also turn living beings within those small water sources and chemicals we find life that risks to find a good place to grow , to reproduce , as we do in our world.

Character Design Tutorial

This tutorial has been designed especially for Digital Arts students, is expected to have the basic knowledge of drawing and concept for a complete design. It is not always easy to create a character that calls public attention, some remain unnoticed, others are interesting for a while, and others are always remembered and admired.